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Welcome to Advance Tech Services (P) Ltd.
Advance Tech Services (P) Ltd. are leading suppliers of World–Class Equipments, Tools & Consumables for Electrical, Electronics, Automobile, Pharma Industry and other commercial applications, including Electronic Maintenance.

We offer complete solution, right technology which cater our customer needs without compromise.

We offer quality products at competitive price and ensure your investment is productive forever. Buyers & users express their satisfaction by using such products. We regard quality products as life's assets.
Digital multimeter PM33a    Brush Less screw driver BS Series    Enameled wire stripper    Bench top Robo Machine    Smart Tweezers Rechargable Model ST-5L    Soldering and desoldering Tip Temperature Thermometer    Screw feeder    Two Fan ionizer    Ion Gun    Kotelyzer 90A Gas Soldering Iron    Ultrasonic Cleaner    SMD Rework Station with Digital Display and profile System XFC-210    Digital Static Charge Meter DZ4    Torque Meter for Electric Screw Driver and Wrenches CD-100M & CD-10M    AIR SCREW DRIVERS    AUTO SHUT OFF DC  ASA-SERIES    COMBINED SOLDERING DESOLDERING STATION Model SVS-500    LEAD-FREE SOLDERING STATION RX-802AS    
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Digital Static Charge Meter DZ4
Digital Static Charge Meter DZ4
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